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How It Works

Your goals

In the opening audio lessons, we identify the severity of your addiction and what your goals in quitting or cutting down are. Immediately you are taught about how your addiction works to better help overcome it.

Begin the program

You will be taken through an entire course of therapy. This is over 40 audio lessons providing you with information and techniques such as ACT and CBT to overcome your gaming addiction.


We outline many gaming addiction-specific exercises throughout the course to refocus your mind when temptation is looming. We help to incorporate daily mindfulness and CBT practices into your life and reduce the negative impact video games have.

Beyond the program

Access additional 100+ guided meditation sessions alongside relaxation sounds to practice techniques from the course and unwind.

Explore the Program

Milestone 1

Identifying Gaming Addiction

One of the main reasons gaming addicts fail to break their addiction is a lack of knowledge on their problem. We aim to educate all of our users on what they are experiencing. Addiction can be a lonely world of otherness so, at The Mindful Gamer, we teach and encourage others to build the support system they need around them.
Milestone 2

Changing your gaming habits

Undoubtedly the hardest part about cutting down on video games will be the first week or so without them. Hence why this section is packed with methods of making this much easier.
Milestone 3

Mindful Breathing

Beating gaming addiction will be an emotional journey, learning to be at peace with these negative thoughts and feelings will allow you to act in a way you deem valuable regardless of what life throws at you. Our section will guide you through everything you need to know about mindfulness, CBT, and ACT practices as well as guided meditations essential for your recovery.
Milestone 4

Preventing Relapse

We’re only human, we all make mistakes sometimes. Relapse isn’t always the slippery slope back to addiction that it seems, hence why we created this section of the course to help you bounce back stronger than ever and avoid it happening again.
Milestone 5

The life you want

Our goal isn’t just to stop you from playing video games while you crave them every waking moment. We aim to help you achieve any goal you have to cut down and make your life more productive. You will have all of the knowledge and techniques at your disposal to turn over a new chapter in your life that you are in full control of.
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A mindful solution to your addiction

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Methods We Use


Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common form of treatment for addictions. It works on using a structured approach to tackling your video game addiction, analysing how you think and then making small incremental changes to transform them into healthier thinking patterns.


As part of our program we recommend that our users take a break from video games to experience life without them and give the addicted brain a chance to heal. We provide the most effective techniques and guidance to make this as easy as possible


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a branch of CBT that works on the basis of accepting the thoughts of our mind and feelings of our body. Addiction is usually accompanied by a great deal of emotional stress so learning to be at peace with our feelings reduces suffering and promotes growth in this program.


The principles of mindfulness attempt to move attention away from negative thoughts and cravings our users may be experiencing. This skill teaches us to focus on our environment, body and present moment. This will be useful during and far beyond addiction.

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The Evidence

About Us

The Mindful Gamer was founded by a team of former gaming addicts.

After years of battling with their addiction, moving between short breaks and relapse, they at some point embarked on a journey into mindfulness. Through which they managed to break their addiction and live the productive life they’ve wanted for so long.

The Mindful Gamer was created using all of the effective techniques our gaming addicts experimented with. Combining and refining them we have created a comprehensive course of CBT that has helped numerous gaming addicts conquer their addiction for good. Having experienced first hand how expensive it is to book therapy with specialists, we wanted to offer all of the knowledge and advice you would receive from a qualified psychiatrist right at your fingertips.

Video game addiction is now recognised by the World Health Organisation as a behavioral disorder, but so few have resources available for treatment or even understand that it is a problem.

We want this to change.

Our goal is to treat and support as many gaming addicts as we can.

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What is The Mindful Gamer?

The Mindful Gamer is a course specially designed to treat video game addiction.

Here we offer a mindful solution to help cut down on video games or quit altogether.

The course of CBT encompasses mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy as well as expert advice and guidance on how to healthily and sustainably beat their gaming addiction.

Is this scientifically proven to help?

The Mindful Gamer is a program that has been developed using scientifically proven techniques and advice that would be given during actual courses of therapy.

The methods we used are based on those most effective amongst gamers receiving treatment for gaming addiction.

How does the program work?

After signing up you will be taken to our homepage where you will have the option to jump right into our course.

Therapy will be delivered in the form of audio sessions that you will have lifetime access to, whenever you want.

You will also be able to use our “Beyond your program” section where you can indulge in numerous guided meditations, relaxations and even sleep sounds.

Will my doctor know about this approach?

With therapist’s charging extortionate prices, Doctors are usually the first point of call. It’s most likely that they will be aware of this approach.

However, with appointments typically lasting 15 minutes it’s almost impossible for doctors to go over any information in detail without multiple follow-ups. With such short appointments, many people leave dejected, with a sense of “I’ve already read all of that on Google”.

We suggest showing The Mindful Gamer to your doctor and seeing what they think. We’re quite confident that they’ll approve!

What results can I expect?

Everyone’s journey to recovery from gaming addiction is different. Just as the nature of everyone's gaming addiction varies.

However stats indicate that those who complete the detox section of our course show an increase in quality of life measured across, time management, relationships, concentration, school/work performance and many more.

Despite the program taking time and commitment to the techniques we do offer expert guidance for short term solutions that make the process of cutting down on gaming much easier.

Is The Mindful Gamer right for me?

Although gaming addiction varies between individuals the course will cater to the various needs and goals that you have set. Should you wish to quit altogether or simply cut down The Mindful Gamer can help you achieve it.

The course equips you with the skills to thrive without video games.
This is priceless as it transcends just beating your addiction and moves us towards being better and more productive people all round.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is one of the most successful therapies for individuals suffering from gaming addiction. It is an 'evidence-based therapy', meaning that it has been shown to be effective in many controlled scientific clinical studies.

During The Mindful Gamer program, we’ll use CBT to address the negative cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that cause your addiction and how to deal with them.

As we know, the effects of gaming addiction can cause neglect in many other areas of life. Leading to physical, psychological and social impairments. Most people who follow The Mindful Gamer program feel much better during their time not playing video games. Many addicts attempt to better themselves and cut down but cannot complete it without the proper guidance.

The CBT for gaming addiction in this course will be delivered through audio sessions that will employ techniques you would receive in face-to-face sessions with a trained therapist. We know attending therapy can be extremely time consuming and expensive! At The Mindful Gamer, we wanted to offer all of the techniques, knowledge and advice you’d receive from a qualified therapist right at your fingertips at an affordable cost! Living the life you deserve is a necessity and it shouldn’t cost you thousands to get it.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)?

ACT is a so-called “third wave” cognitive-behavioural model of psychotherapy. It uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies together with commitment and behaviour changes strategies, to increase psychological flexibility.

ACT recognises that it is our struggle against addiction that actually makes it worse. So rather than struggling to constantly fight and battle against your thoughts, feelings and emotions, like so many of you may have tried - ACT teaches you to notice, accept, and embrace these events, including the unwanted ones. Allowing you to live life once again.