Overcoming a Roblox Addiction

Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation system that lets users come together to program and play games created by other users. Players can choose from a multiplayer option or use it as a game-building tool. The platform currently boasts approximately 150 million users worldwide. Most players are drawn to the creativity, variety, competition, and social aspect that the game offers. What makes it even more addicting is that the game is free to download and play, with some talented gamers and creators actually making money on the platform.

But what happens when your Roblox habit becomes a Roblox addiction? Keep reading for more information on what makes this gaming system so addictive, signs you might be addicted, and tips for breaking the cycle.


Why is Roblox so Addicting?

Several features make Roblox so addictive. Let’s take a closer look at why this game attracts millions of users across the globe.

It’s Free to Download and Play

For starters, it’s free! Free games like this one, Fortnite, and Minecraft are always the go-to choice for kids, teens, and even adults on a budget. Being able to play your favorite games without paying creates an instant attraction.

Of course, like most other games that are free to download and play, gamers can make in-game purchases and earn a virtual currency known as Robux. Players have to purchase Robux with real money and then use it to buy certain items within each game. Players can use Robux to purchase premium games that only you and your friends can access, different bonuses, and other items that enhance gameplay. Some players accumulate Robux over time and then exchange it for real money. This is common among developers which make up nearly 2 million of all Roblox users

Players Can Make Money

So, Roblox is free to download and play but gamers can make money doing so? Yes! Believe it or not, some Roblox developers make millions of dollars on their game creations. There are a few ways to make money in the digital world of Roblox.

Create a DevEx Account

In order to change Robux into actual dollars and cents, gamers have to create a Developer Exchange account. Here, you can cash out your Robux at a set rate, which fluctuates. You also need a premium Roblox subscription to register and utilize the DevEx program.

Charge for Game Access and Game Passes

As a developer, you can charge users to play your created games. Fees range from 25 to 1,000 Robux per game. Developers aren’t selling the game itself, they’re simply selling access to it. You can also sell game passes that offer users exclusive features that aren’t available to other players.

Collect and Trade Rare Items

The Roblox platform has limited and limited unique items that you can collect and trade. The difference is that limited items were once produced by Roblox but no longer available, whereas limited unique items were once sold on the platform but only in limited quantities. These rare items are in high demand so if you can get your hands on them, other gamers will pay top Robux dollars to obtain them.

Make Perishables

Other popular items on the platform are perishables. These are single-use items that are purchased repeatedly and are always in high demand. They include everything from rocket fuel and ammo to gold and XP. Developers can create and sell these items at a reasonable cost. You can also download clothing templates and design and sell your own gear.

Gameplay for All Ages

Roblox is also versatile and available to play on several devices and platforms including PC, mobile, gaming consoles, and tablets. Roblox is rated E10+ which means it’s suitable for gamers 10 years old and above. While there are elements of fantasy violence, most gameplay modes are appropriate for young players, with 67% of users being under the age of 16. But that doesn’t mean older gamers aren’t interested in this creative platform. Over 5 million Roblox players are over the age of 25.

Creative Platform for Game Developers

Games like Roblox and Minecraft offer endless opportunities to be creative. Players can manufacture their own worlds and games and then share them with other users. This adds an additional element to traditional video games and appeals to both avid players and those more interested in the development aspect of gaming.

Symptoms of a Roblox Addiction

It can be difficult to know if your Roblox habit is simply a hobby or a way to make passive income or if you’re addicted. Video game addiction is more common than you may think and can express itself in a variety of ways. Knowing the symptoms of a Roblox addiction will help you cut it off at the pass and make lifestyle changes to improve your condition. It’s also important to note that these symptoms are not just specific to Roblox. Addiction to any type of video game can manifest itself in similar ways.

Obsessively Thinking About Roblox

This is one of the first signs that you may be addicted to Roblox. If your days and nights are consumed with thoughts of the game and it’s difficult to focus on anything else, it may be a sign that you’ve become obsessed. While it’s fine to look forward to gaming after work or school, the inability to focus on daily tasks and responsibilities isn’t healthy or productive. It can also have a negative impact on your ability to succeed in life, whether it means losing your job or getting poor grades in school.

Loss of Interest in Other Activities

This symptom of Roblox addiction stems from the previous one. When Roblox is the only thing you can think about, it makes it difficult to focus on or engage in anything else. Loss of interest in activities and hobbies you once enjoyed is a sign that you’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with the game. Other signs include breaking plans with friends and family to play, quitting sports teams and other groups, and relying solely on Roblox for entertainment.

Mood Swings or Irritability Over the Inability to Play

Mood swings are another common symptom of video game addiction. If you find yourself getting angry, irritable, or even sad when you can’t play Roblox for an extended period of time, it could be a sign that you’ve become dependent on the game.

What some people don’t realize is that video game addictions work similarly to other types of addictions to things like drugs and alcohol. When you play Roblox or other entertaining video games, your brain releases a chemical known as dopamine. This induces positive feelings of happiness, calm, and relaxation. Over time, your brain and body become immune to these levels of dopamine. Now, you require longer or more intense gameplay to achieve this same level of stimulation. Your body may also become dependent on dopamine from Roblox to feel any type of happiness. Without it, you may feel irritable, frustrated, or even depressed. The inability to feel happy without playing Roblox or feeling angry and frustrated when you can’t play are signs that you’ve become too dependent on the game.

Lying to Hide Your Gameplay or Addiction

Sadly, lying is commonly associated with all types of addiction – including video game addiction. If you find yourself lying to friends, loved ones, and even your superiors to conceal your Roblox obsession or in order to keep gaming, it’s likely a sign that your habit has gone too far.

Addicted gamers often feel guilty, ashamed, and anxious over their habit. When questioned about how often they play Roblox or confronted with an accusation about being addicted, most people react defensively. You may also feel like non-gamers don’t understand the appeal of Roblox or why you find it so enjoyable, causing you to lie when asked about it. Keep in mind that if those around you are noticing your addiction, you probably need help to overcome it. But also remember that they wouldn’t bring it to your attention if they didn’t care.

Trouble Sleeping

The blue light from digital devices like computer and cell phone screens can interrupt healthy sleep patterns. This light tricks your brain into thinking it should be awake and alert instead of tired. It also stops your brain from producing and releasing the sleep hormone melatonin. Playing Roblox too close to bedtime can also lead to hyperarousal, overstimulation, and unwanted spikes in adrenaline.

Even after you turn off your gaming console or PC, your Roblox habit may interfere with your ability to fall and stay asleep. Preoccupation over the game and racing thoughts can make it impossible to relax enough to fall asleep. You may find yourself tossing and turning as you replay recent events in your mind, plan new strategies, or brainstorm new game concepts. These thoughts can not only keep you awake but interfere with your ability to achieve deep, restorative sleep.

Neck, Back, and Eye Strain

The inability to sleep isn’t the only physical symptom of a Roblox gaming addiction. Your body may also experience other pain and discomfort from too many hours spent gaming. Eye strain is a common side effect of too much screen time. Not only can the light from screens interfere with your eyesight but constant squinting as you try to focus and follow the flashing colors and fast movements on the screen can impair your vision and cause headaches.

Whether you sit at a gaming desk, on the floor, in bed, or on the couch, prolonged gaming can cause problems with your posture and both neck and back pain. In time, some gaming addicts may also experience carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. Left untreated, these conditions can develop into chronic pain and discomfort.

Roblox Addiction Stories

Roblox is most popular among young players aged 7 and older. This is a vulnerable demographic, which can be very troubling for parents. Most Roblox addiction stories are shared by concerned parents wanting to help and warn others about the dangers of this gaming platform.

Many parents claim that their children not only became addicted to Roblox but were also taken advantage of by scammers and other online gamers. One mother said that her daughter was scammed out of Robux for accessories and while being duped was upsetting, her child didn’t share this with her parents right away out of fear they would make her stop playing. Another parent reported that her daughter’s account was hacked. The hacker changed her avatar and invited unknown players into her game. And it doesn’t end there. One parent’s horrifying story involved a kidnapping plot of her 7-year-old daughter as well as sexually explicit harassment. These possibilities make the Roblox platform a dangerous and vulnerable place for young players.

Other complaints include violence and the ability for young players to create an alternate personality that has negative consequences in real life.

Another factor that increased both the appeal and danger of Roblox addiction was the isolation that accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents and older gamers agree that the virtual world of Roblox became increasingly attractive, enthralling, and addicting, as the real world became increasingly scary and isolating. Without the ability to engage and socialize in real life, people threw themselves headfirst into the digital world of Roblox. Most addicts need intervention to overcome their video game addiction.

Roblox Addiction Treatment

Speaking of intervention, there’s hope for overcoming a Roblox addiction. Knowing the symptoms of addiction is step one. Step two is finding the best gaming addiction treatment for your needs. Here are some of the most effective and popular ways to beat a Roblox addiction and reclaim your life.

Identify Why You Play

Once you figure out your motivation for playing Roblox, you can work toward finding alternative avenues that offer similar benefits. For example, if you’re an avid game developer on the platform and enjoy designing and creating video games, you can find a job that allows you to do the same thing. The same can be said for those who make money off their creations on the Roblox platform. Find a job that lets you do what you love and get paid for it in a healthier, more productive way.

If you play Roblox purely for fun and entertainment, there are plenty of alternative activities you can try. Join a local sports team or community group. Try a new hobby. Not only do these activities provide entertainment but also physical activity and the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Socialization is another reason many people turn to Roblox and other multiplayer video games. These games allow you to meet other like-minded individuals, make friends and achieve a sense of community and belonging. While it’s fine to have online friends, it’s also important to foster relationships in real life. Expanding your horizons, joining new groups, and adopting different hobbies are all great ways to meet new people and form close bonds.


Sometimes, the only way to overcome a gaming addiction is through detox. Detox isn’t reserved for just substance abuse addictions. You can also detox from Roblox. This doesn’t mean stopping all gameplay “cold turkey”. Instead, it’s about identifying how often you play and for how long and making small, progressive changes that result in reduced playing time.

Start by keeping a journal that details when you play and for how long. Next, make minor adjustments. Instead of gaming for an hour before school or work, try playing Roblox for 45 minutes. At night, reduce your gameplay from 2 hours to an hour and a half. Once you’ve mastered these time reductions, you can continue to shorten your playing time until you either no longer feel the need to play Roblox or can do so in moderation without any negative side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Consider CBT

CBT (also known as cognitive behavioral therapy) is a popular treatment for behavioral addictions and conditions like an addiction to Roblox. Through a variety of techniques and approaches, CBT works to help addicts restructure their thoughts about video games and learn to control the urge to play.

Common types of CBT for gaming addiction include stimulus control, meditation, and cognitive restructuring. The Mindful Gamer utilizes these effective treatment methods to help gaming addicts break the hold video games have over their thoughts and behaviors and make slow, positive changes – both cognitive and behavioral.

It’s also important to note that CBT is effective in treating certain mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, and OCD. Individuals diagnosed with these conditions may be at greater risk of developing a gaming addiction. Therefore, CBT offers a multi-faceted approach to treating several disorders at once.